Mr. Zippy's Express Ice and Water House

Mr. Zippy's Express Ice and Water House's patented and innovative process is a revolutionary approach to delivering purified water and ice. This free-standing kiosk can deliver both purified ice and purified water to the consumer. The purified water business has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, due to a growing concern about water quality. This concern has created a long-term opportunity for the investor. Mr. Zippy's Express Ice and Water House is now available for the investor to capitalize on this growing market.

Ice is made the same way that it always has freezing water. But how and where it is purchased is changing rapidly. The old business model of trucking mass-produced bagged-ice from a regional ice plant to the location where its sold is outdated. Mr. Zippy's Express gives you a one-stop shop for both purified water and ice.

Mr. Zippy's Express provides the customer with several options. The customer has the choice to purchase 1, 3 or 5 gallons or purified water. The customer also has the choice to purchase a 10 lb. bag or 20 lbs. of bulk ice.

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